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welcome toMKVs

The First Truly Comprehensive Method For Voice Professionals.

The MKVS offers a new shortcut method which unlocks the key to mastery of the human voice for any voice professional, including Singers, Voice Teachers, Vocal Coaches, Speech Therapists, Voice Specialists and more. Every individual with a MKVS certificate will be able to sing and reach the full potential of their vocal abilities at a professional level in any style they choose.

MKVS Student licensed users such as Singers / Students will get a MKVS Certificate and they will be able to use the benefits of MKVS for their own personal use only.

All our MKVS Teacher licensed voice teachers and other voice professionals with a MKVS Teacher Certificate will be able to help any individual reach the physical limit of their voice, no matter if they are a beginner or a professional voice user, the system will show new heights with the voice, which seemed impossible before.

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The Master-Key Vocal System method was created by

Søren Sedit

who is also known as the Headteacher at RMS Vocal Institute, and is a Ventricular Fold specialist. He is the Author of the MKVS Paper and the system's very own Master Teacher.

Søren loves to be on top of the scientific aspect of voice production and because of that he has done researches with one of the leading voice scientists in the world and has done / does workshops in Europe.
( for workshop or research)

Søren Sedit is also known as the lead singer in numerous bands.

Read more about Søren on About MKVS page.

The Master-Key Vocal System is a new and exciting method which will instruct the body to react as wanted / hoped for as it is mainly built on neuroscience and laryngeal videostroboscopy results.
The MKVS is a one of a kind method which will give its users a very effortless way of singing any style known to this point in time. The Master-Key Vocal System creates voice professionals (professional voice users)
all over the world.

We believe singing is an expression of who you are or want to be, so our goal is simple;

“Get you there as fast as possible” - We don't want you to wait on your dream and full potential.

You should expect the fastest improvement you will ever experience, while getting a truly VIP treatment at every lesson. All of our licensed tutors are at the top of their profession at all times and will answer any question about voice as precisely as possible, within what is known scientifically or if non then explain the theories at the given point in time.


The MKVS method is proven to be medically safe and harmless, while being a very simple and straightforward way of learning the mystery of voice production.

If you don't believe us, go watch our student reviews!

Thank You for your subscription!

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Should you have any questions, enquiries or concerns, you can reach us on any of the following:

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