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Learn more about The Master-Key Vocal System's origin, the philosophy of the revolutionary singing method and who, how and why developed the most effective and fastest evolving vocal system of present days.


This is MKVS.

The key is in your hand.


The author of the MKVS, Søren Sedit, was born in 1986 on the small Danish island of Læsø.

He has always been interested in music and started choir lessons at the age of 11, which he did for 3 years.
When he reached the age of 14, he bought his first electric guitar, which slowly pointed him into the direction of rock and metal music.

Søren then formed his first band called DIE and continued playing and writing music and eventually started working on his first full length album “Rise of the Rotten.”
During this period, he played a lot of live shows, taking the opportunity at each to show to develop his voice further.

When DIE came out with their first album, Søren then got a mail from a new company named The Danish Metal Academy, who wanted him to start teaching the singing styles known from rock and metal music alike. Søren loved teaching a lot but saw that not enough people were wanting lessons in Denmark, so he reached out to RMS Vocal Institute and went to London, UK.

After only two years Søren became the Headteacher there, which is the position he still holds now.

Sound Waves

At one point he felt that not enough valid studies had been done on the rock and metal styles of singing, so he reached out to one of the world´s leading voice scientists Nathalie Henrich at the GIPSA Lab and travelled to France along with the RMS team in early 2019. There he was able to impress the research team, in which Nathalie had put together, with his effortless way of activating the ventricular folds, and all the different tonal characters he was able to perform.

Nathalie and Søren later did a workshop at PEVOC 2019 Copenhagen, which was more than successful, with a very packed room of voice specialists.

Back in early 2018, he started creating a method that would work for all styles of singing, simply by asking:


"What is singing?"

Now, he did not only want to know as much as possible about rock and metal singing, but the overall mechanics for any style of singing as known up to the present.
While working hard on creating the method, he came across a 
neuroscience research that was done on the speaking and singing voice testing which ended up being a healthy and safe approach to singing on a laryngeal level. Nathalie and her team helped to prove this.

When Søren came back from the research trip, he was about to finish the method, but then saw the bigger picture and found the common feature that exists in all styles of sound production which turned into THE MASTER-KEY VOCAL SYSTEM.

About Soren
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Naming the system "the MKVS" happened when Søren was beginning to understand the method and the fact that with it, ALL styles of speech and singing can be done as freely as possible, almost without having to warm up the voice. The approach is very straightforward and easy to learn by beginners to voice professionals and everyone in between. So all the styles you can imagine is actually possible to learn in no time.

Within the method itself, there are two main ways of learning how yours or anyone else's voice works:


1. a hands-on method that will show every aspect of what is happening in each part of the body when singing,

2. and a more open approach, which can be the fastest to learn and use.  

They both have the same result, giving the user the easiest way of creating healthy and truly effortless phonation in any desired style.


One of the main reasons why Søren created this method was, because he felt that every other method out there was either making the human voice into this mysterious thing that never gave all the answers, or was only focused on a single style of singing and not all of them.

It has never been easier to understand voice production, easier to reproduce the sound characters of your favourite singers and actors, or simply the easiest method for anyone who is using their voice in a professional setting during their life.

Losing your voice will be a thing of the past, because with The Master-Key Vocal System you will get ALL the tools needed to become the voice professional that you have always wanted to be.

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