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1. Age restriction

In order to book a session or use Services you must be at least 17 years of age or older.

2. Payment

All Services and MKVS Licenses must be fully paid for in advance. Failure to clear payments within the time interval given by the payment processing platform on will incur the cancellation of the purchase. Please note that once your purchase has been cancelled you can only start another payment process after 10 minutes waiting time as a default security feature of the online payment processing system.

3. Booking

Please note that you are able to book an appointment with MKVS with a minimum of 24 hours ahead only, so all appointments within 24 hours of the present time will be unavailable to book on our booking site. You are also able to book up to three months ahead of the present time but not any further than that.
If you are late for your appointment it may still end at the scheduled time and the lesson time may not be recovered as it is depending on the Teacher’s decision.

MKVS Services, especially vocal lessons, sessions and webinars are provided to the User online, and in some special circumstances may be provided in person where the location of the User and Teacher (or the Master Teacher) allows it. Neither the User, the Teacher or MKVS differentiate between Services given online or in person as MKVS and Teacher maintains the quality and effectiveness of the Services in both cases.

Online Services are primarily conducted via Google Meet online video chat / conference communication platforms. MKVS may allow the use of other online platforms like SKYPE ™ or Zoom ™ in extreme circumstances, however both the Teacher and the User must indicate this before hand and always seek approval of MKVS prior to the beginning of the Services.

4. Cancellation and Rescheduling of Lessons

You may cancel or reschedule your bookings at the licensing period at any time. You must communicate with Teacher and / or Master Teacher in writing regarding the cancellations or rescheduling in all cases. As long as the number and the frequency of these lesson cancellations kept reasonable there is no limit on the number of cancellations or rescheduling possible for both the Teacher and the User.
If MKVS, the Master Teacher or Teacher finds that you are taking an advantage of this section of the cancellation policy, MKVS reserves the right to
terminate your licensing, terminate your contract and refuse to continue providing lessons to you.

5. Cancellation and Rescheduling of Exams

All terms and conditions specified in the previous section (4.) are identical to the final exam that you have to take in order to receive the MKVS License. However you may be only offered two final exams within one licensing period, therefore it is your responsibility to do your best to make the appointments of the exams and give your best to pass it.

6. Payment Method Options

All major credit and debit cards are acceptable payment methods for all MKVS Services, bookings and other purchases. These payments are taken primarily via Stripe ™ reliable payment processing platform. By default MKVS requests the payments to be made through where payment will be processed by Stripe ™, Apple Pay or Google Pay. If for any reason the previous payment processing methods fail to take payment from your card, please get in touch with us and we will try to solve any issues on our side or give help with your checkout.

MKVS may offer alternative payment methods if previous attempts continue to fail.
As an alternative, MKVS can offer the direct
bank transfer to our bank account payment option.


For local bank transfers (from UK banks)

Account no.: 93787230
Sort Code: 20-90-74


For international transfers:

IBAN: GB89BUKB20907493787230
Name of the Bank: Barclays Bank UK PLC


Please always contact us before you make any payments into any of these bank accounts above, as MKVS needs to give you a unique reference number for the transaction. If you send any payment without contacting us first, we may not be able to refund you the payments that you made by mistake.


Cash or cheque payments are not acceptable as payment methods under any circumstances.

MKVS reserves the right to change the fees and prices of Services and products anytime without prior notice. All fees and prices displayed on our Sites are in GBP currency and they are inclusive of all taxes and VAT.

7. Refund Policies

A No Refund Policy is in place on all Services except where stated otherwise.

No full refund can be issued under any circumstances to Users.

The only exception is when you paid by local bank transfer (from a bank account within the UK). In that particular case full refund (100% of the amount paid by the User) remains available, but only from the first 3 working days of purchase date. After the three working days only the partial refund policy will be applicable that is further explained in the following section.

Partial refunds

In all cases other than previously mentioned specific payment method (including but not limited to; when User paid by international bank transfer, debit or credit card via Stripe ™, Apple Pay or Google Pay), 90% of the amount originally paid by the User is refundable to the User anytime up to 14 days of purchase date. After the first 14 days of purchase date, the 90% refund may still be issued to you until all paperwork is signed by all parties and received by MKVS.

From the moment MKVS receives the paperwork signed by all parties and the first 14 days period from purchase has also passed, only 50% of the amount originally paid at the purchase is refundable to the User. This policy is in place only until the very first vocal lesson of the User has finished. Once the User has finished the first lesson in the licensing period, our No Refund Policy steps in place. Please see further details below.

No Refund Policy

*** Please note!! ***
Due to the nature of our business - that includes but is not limited to; selling and licensing intellectual properties and information to Users - once you have finished with your very first MKVS session,
we can not issue any refund to you. This is due to the fact that at the very first lesson the User will be exposed to major parts of the MKVS method and its intellectual properties that can not be "returned" to us. As the information can not be reversed, neither the payment for the license. Therefore as soon as the first MKVS lesson of the User has finished, MKVS reserves the right to operate on a strict no refund policy.

Furthermore, MKVS operates on a complete No Refund Policy on the following Services:

"Renew your MKVS Teacher License"

"Upgrade to MKVS Teacher License V.1."

"Upgrade to MKVS Teacher License V.2."

In order to issue any refund MKVS must receive a written request from the User.

All refund policies are also valid and effective in all of the following cases:

In case the User requests the refund for any reason.
In case MKVS issues the refund for any reason, including but not limited to when MKVS are not able or refuses to provide the Services to the User for any reason.
In case MKVS issues the refund due to a Teacher is not able or refuses to provide the Services to the User.

Please note that once MKVS has issued a refund, it can take up to 5 - 10 working days to complete and reappear on your statement.

8. Time Zones and Notifications


Understanding time zones and appointment notifications:

The MKVS System and booking site ( operates on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or British Summer Time (BST) depending on the time of the year.

Please note that time slots on and in all automated email / text notifications & reminders sent by MKVS are in 24 hr format, therefore 7:00 means 7:00 am and 14:30 means 2.30 pm.

Please note that the MKVS System on and all automated email / text notifications and reminders primarily show all appointments in your own time zone provided that you have set your Account’s time zone correctly upon booking your session. Please find further information about setting your time zone on RMS Vocal Institute’s website where the same booking system is explained thoroughly at the following link: .

Please also note that sessions booked in by Teachers or the Master Teacher (and not by you) might display a different time of your appointment in your notification and reminder system emails than the time you agreed with your Teacher or Master Teacher.
Therefore please
always stick to the time that has been pre-arranged and agreed with your Teacher or Master Teacher and ignore any time differences displayed in emails / texts.

If you have any doubts regarding the time of your session or other Services or consultation please feel free to always contact the Teacher or Master Teacher to double check the time of your appointment and therefore avoid being late or miss your booking.

9. Definitions

MKVS means The Master-Key Vocal System™, legally trading under the private limited company Hekker Bros. Ltd and subsidiaries or affiliates. The Master-Key Vocal System™ owned by Søren Sedit and Hekker Bros. Ltd. MKVS is the name of the vocal tuition and vocal coaching business specialized to deliver a one of a kind vocal technique development as it is advertised on and other various online platforms and Sites.

The Master-Key Vocal System™ is the trading name of
Hekker Bros. Ltd
71-75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden
London, England
Company number: 08549381 .

In this Booking, Cancellation & Refund Policy, MKVS is sometimes referred to as “we,” “us,” or “our,” depending on the context.


Services means any products, services, content, features, technologies, or functions, and all related websites, applications and services offered to you by MKVS and its Sites. Services may include but are not limited to: vocal lessons, recording sessions, classes, vocal exams, seminars, free consultations workshops and master classes. In this Booking, Cancellation & Refund Policy, Services is sometimes referred to as “service”, “services”, “session”, “sessions”, “booking”, “bookings”, “lesson” or “lessons”, ”training,” depending on the context.

Sites means the websites, mobile apps, official social media platforms, or other online properties through which MKVS offers the Services and which has posted or linked to the Terms and Conditions of Use.
Sites include but are not limited to , , .


User means an individual who uses the Services or accesses the Sites. Furthermore User means an individual who books and / or purchases any sessions, licenses or services offered and sold by MKVS. A User is both anyone who is currently utilizing the MKVS booking services and in completion of the training period to hold a license, as well as those who have booked sessions at MKVS or purchased from MKVS in the past and already holding a license issued by MKVS.
In this Booking, Cancellation & Refund Policy
, User is sometimes referred to as "Users", “customer”, “customers”, “client”, “clients”, ”student”, “students”, “you”, “your”, “yours” depending on the context.

Account means a MKVS member account registered by a User on .

MKVS License means an official license issued by The Master-Key Vocal System to a User or Teacher. These MKVS Licenses are conditionally permitting their holders to use both intellectual and physical copyrighted properties of MKVS for the time period between the license has been issued and its expiration date or until MKVS revoking the license’s validity.
In this Booking, Cancellation & Refund Policy
, MKVS License is sometimes referred to as “license”, “licenses”, “Teacher license”, “Student license”, “any of our licenses”, “licensed” depending on the context.

Master Teacher means the head of teaching at MKVS, the author and co-owner of MKVS, namely Søren Sedit. In this Booking, Cancellation & Refund Policy, Master Teacher is sometimes referred to as “SS”, "Søren Sedit" or “Soren Sedit” depending on the context.

Teacher means the tutor, teacher or vocal coach who represents MKVS, who is holding or used to hold a valid MKVS Teacher License in the past and who provides our services to our students provided that they are “actively” licensed. Actively licensed means that they have successfully renewed their Teacher License every year and it is still in a valid status. Teacher can be anyone who is currently engaged in business or who has been engaged in business with MKVS in the past.
In this Booking, Cancellation & Refund Policy
, Teacher is sometimes referred to as “teacher”, “teachers”, “our teacher”, “our teachers”, “tutor”, “tutors”, “vocal coach”, “vocal coaches” depending on the context.

Licensing period means the time period between the date the User purchased the MKVS License and the date when successfully passes the final exam at the end of the vocal and theory training, and the Master Teacher and MKVS issues the MKVS Certificate to the User. This period includes typically 16 vocal training and theory lessons about MKVS and lasts maximum one calendar year. In this Booking, Cancellation & Refund Policy, licensing period is sometimes referred to as "learning period", "training period" or "pre-license period" depending on the context.

Paperwork means the physical documentations that all parties (MKVS, Master Teacher, User / Teacher) need to read, sign, authenticate with witnesses’ signatures and send MKVS’ copy back to MKVS by post immediately after it has been signed by all parties. In this Booking, Cancellation & Refund Policy, paperwork literally means;
1, the
non disclosure agreement (typical identification number of the document is MKVS NDA #0...)
2, the
student contract (typical identification number of a student contract is MKVS SLC #0...) or the teacher contract (typical identification number of a teacher contract is MKVS TLC #0...)

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