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How Does It Work?

Let's break it down to simple terms how exactly MKVS licensing works.

The Master-Key Vocal System is for everybody. You can be a private individual with no musical or singing background and maybe even no intention of singing in any style, just want to improve your musical hearing, your voice in general for your own personal use. Or you can be a professional singer, a voice teacher, a vocal therapist, vocal coach, voice scientist planning to implement MKVS to your existing knowledge and singing practices.
No matter what you are you can still massively benefit from the revolutionary hearing and vocal improvement that MKVS method offers you.
No singing or musical background needed in order to be an MKVS student.

At first, before you jump deep into your purchase of an MKVS license, please go through, read and understand our agreements, contracts and general Terms and Conditions of Use that you would need to agree and sign upon purchasing a license.
If you are happy to go ahead, you need to register yourself at by creating an Account. Then you need to purchase the appropriate license depending on what you want to use your knowledge of MKVS for. All licenses include the minimum of 16 x 75 minutes long online lessons, and if needed this number of lessons can be extended up to 24.
Now all you need to do is to choose a
MKVS Certified Teacher from our list and then choose an available appointment for your first lesson. At the end of the appointment booking process you will be able to pay your license fee via all major credit / debit cards, PayPal, G Pay or Apple Pay.
After completing the appropriate number of lessons at the end of your training period you will need to take a
final exam. When you pass that, you will receive your shiny MKVS Certificate / Diploma and you are then officially a licensed member of the MKVS family!

There you go! Simple.

Still want to know more specifics?
Just go ahead and book a 30 min completely
FREE online consultation with MKVS Master Teacher, Søren Sedit.

Learn more about the free MKVS consultations on our Terms & Conditions page, section 2, g.

What Will You Get With a MKVS License?

The most unique vocal and hearing improvement today, most effective and safest technique in vocal and speech development you can find. In addition to this some exclusive scientific knowledge, research results that will benefit to your better understanding and utilizing your own voice production / singing.

With the MKVS Student License


During the 16 lessons:

You will receive all the tools needed to become a professional singer in any style of music

You will receive the tools to localize and fix issues if unexpected hiccups should ever occur.

You will learn how to imitate any singer within physical boundaries.

You will be able to structure your own tonal character, or create limitless amounts of characters with your voice.


You will also learn:

How to breath correctly.
Posture and body movement.(Chinese posture theory & meditation of mind)
How to stay calm in stressful situations.
Speak effortlessly all day without losing your voice.
How to sing in any register, Head voice, Belting, Forward resonance, Falsetto etc.
Any modern style of singing.
Learn how to sing a specific classical style.
Any wished rock or metal style of singing.
Harmonic overtone singing with Plica vocalis (True vocal folds)
Kargyraa and Khoomei, also known as Mongolian Throat singing (Ventricular folds)
And any specific topic about singing or voice production that you might want to know more about or learn how to do.

When all the 16 (or maximum 24) lessons ends during a maximum one year period, you will need to take a final exam and you will receive a diploma if the exam went as hoped. This is how you will become an official, MKVS Licensed singer.

The exam will include:

A hearing test,

A little bit of theory,

And a two-part performance test;

Part 1.

Two songs will be performed live either in person with the Master Teacher Søren Sedit, or live on Google Meet.
(if connection issues make it impossible then a raw recording will be needed)

Part 2.

A pre-recorded song will be presented, either a newly recorded song by the band of yours or a cover song. If you can not record your vocals with appropriate equipment or in a proper studio environment we will find a recording studio near you to record yourself and all costs (except your travel costs to get to the studio and home) are covered by us. MKVS will mix and master the song to a high level production standard if that is not available for you.

It can be a video / music video or audio on its own, which will be added to your profile as a MKVS Singer.

After you’ve successfully passed the exam and you got your MKVS Certificate:

You will get one, two-hours long lesson / year for free to ensure singers are at the same professional level as when the diploma was given. (this can also be split into two, one-hour long lessons / year)

Your MKVS profile:

When you hold an MKVS Student License, artists, bands, music producers and other music professionals will know that you as a singer are at a professional level and ready to be a part of any professional band.

A picture, along with information about status as a singer (in a band etc) will be added to the MKVS website along with a video or audio file of you performing. In addition to that you may also get listed and appear on several social media platforms of MKVS.

You will have a VIP user account in our Forum where you will be able to talk with the other MKVS singers or talk about any music / singing / voice related topics (collaborations etc) and meet like minded professionals who love singing and voice production as much as yourself.

You will have access to a private live webinar only for MKVS Student License holders every second month hosted by the Author and Master Teacher Søren Sedit. Here you will be able to ask Søren any questions about singing or voice production. (If Søren is unavailable for any reason another MKVS Teacher will be taking his place)

You will always be able to ask your MKVS teacher via email about advice and the teacher should reply within 48 hours, or schedule a meeting if it is a topic where the teacher will need to watch and listen to help with the question or issue.

This is available for you nearly anytime within reason and for a reasonable amount of times, all for free. If we feel like that you are bombing us with too many emails we will let you know, otherwise always feel free to ask.

Please bear in mind that this discussion is not equal to a lesson where we look into everything, it is only for specific questions or issues.


You will always be updated about The Master-Key Vocal System itself, you may have some limited access to The Master-Key Vocal System paper that includes the essence of the MKVS method. In addition to that you may gain limited access to any similar upcoming scientific papers, research data and other updates on MKVS.

If any changes or updates should ever occur, you will always know about it, either by email / MKVS Forum / or a free lesson to understand and be able to use the updated version or the webinar.

As a MKVS Student License holder, you will be able to book direct lessons with those MKVS Teachers who offer this service on their own private tuition terms and fees.

These lessons can not be booked on but only with the particular MKVS Teacher privately and directly.

With the MKVS Teacher License


During 16 lessons you will learn:

Everything that is taught within MKVS Student License by standard.

Everything needed to teach any voice type.

Everything needed to resolve a voice issue faster than you have ever been.

Everything needed to fix issues with the singing and speaking voice almost effortlessly. 



Everything needed to know about Vowels and consonants for singing and speech.

A classical singing method.

Modern styles of singing.

Styles of singing known from rock and metal music.

Some Neuroscience.

Chinese posture theory and meditation of mind.

A smaller laryngeal massage.

Stretches and body exercises.

How to help singers with stressful situations such as stage fright or recording fright.


You will receive:

- The MKVS Teacher Certificate to teach MKVS for one calendar year from the date of your successful final exam, signed by the Author and Master Teacher Søren Sedit.
- Unlimited access to The Master-Key Vocal System paper and any upcoming scientific papers, updates and research data by MKVS. You may even gain some participation in new MKVS researches.

- Exercises for teaching any voice type and any style.
- Your custom MKVS email account (
- Your MKVS Teacher profile with your contact info along with a picture on
- Your MKVS Teacher profile on where you can login and manage your lessons, students, availability and more.


After the 16 lessons (maximum 24) during a maximum one year period you will need to take a final exam, and you will receive your MKVS Teacher Licence, if the final exam went as hoped.

The exam contains many of the same elements as the Student exam with the addition of:

3 lessons with singers who are all at different levels and want different end results with their voice, while the Master Teacher won't intervene but rate your ability to help the singer as fast and possible in any situation.

A hearing test.


The author will also ask questions about voice in general.

Now that you’ve become an official MKVS Licensed voice teacher, you are able to get MKVS students.
After they get their MKVS Student License, you will be able to offer direct lessons on your own private tuition terms and fees. These lessons can not be booked on but only with you privately and directly.

What Things Will You Physically Get With Your License?


When you purchase any of our licenses you will receive a MKVS Starter Package by post.

Your starter package will include;

- a custom made MKVS leather case
- two printed copies of the NDA agreement (confidentiality agreement)
- two printed copies of the MKVS Teacher / Student license agreement
- one printed copy of the receipt for the payment you have made online
- one large heavy duty envelope addressed to MKVS so that you can post one copy of the paperwork back to us
- a pen that you can use to sign the paperwork, plus you can later use it at your vocal lessons

- 20 empty sheets of papers for the lessons to take notes
- a VIP badge + badge holder for MKVS workshops and other future MKVS events

Finally at the end of your training period you will also receive your physical MKVS certificate / diploma (a pdf version will be emailed to you as well).

What Is The Difference Between Student & Teacher License?

The main difference between MKVS Student License and MKVS Teacher License is your purpose of use.

Get MKVS Student License if:

- you are planning to use MKVS for personal purposes only (e.g. singers, vocalists or people with speech or any other vocal production difficulties),

- it is not in your intention to teach or share the MKVS method with anyone now, or the near future,

- you would like to learn the MKVS method for your own domestic, non-profit, research use only.

People who can choose this license are for example singers, vocalists, private individuals with no business or educational relations with the use of MKVS.

Get MKVS Teacher License if:

- you are planning to use MKVS for personal and business purposes as well,

- it is your intention to share and/or teach the MKVS method with any third-party now or the near future,

- you would like to learn the MKVS method for commercial and/or educational use.

People who must choose this license are for example singing teachers, vocal coaches, voice professionals, speech therapists, etc...

Key differences between what you get with each type of license:

- Student Licensed users will never gain full, unlimited access to the actual MKVS paper and any similar upcoming scientific papers, research data and other updates on MKVS, they only will be taught the method with very limited access to the paper
- Student Licensed users will be taught the “hands on method” primarily - only the Master teacher can decide to release the "shortcut method" to Student Licensed users if this is reasonably needed in specific cases

- Student Licensed users may be taught by any active MKVS license holder tutors and / or the Master Teacher

- Teacher Licensed users will be trained to be a teacher and how to teach MKVS, not only use it

- Teacher Licensed users can teach student who are in the process of getting MKVS Student License, and after => for more information about this please visit our About MKVS section of this site

- Teacher Licensed users will be trained by Master Teacher Søren Sedit only

Want to know more about the MKVS Paper? Where Can You Read It?


The actual MKVS scientific paper that contains the major part of the MKVS unique method and its theory is a strictly confidential document and unfortunately is not available to read in its entirety for the public. Currently, to gain any kind of access to the MKVS paper, you need to purchase an MKVS license.


This may change in the future and if it does, the public version will be linked HERE.

Is The MKVS Method Safe & Effective For Everyone?

As to this moment, the MKVS method in its entirety is both medically and scientifically proven to be safe, absolutely harmless and spectacularly effective on all test subjects and clients from all ages, genders and technical abilities.


We are continuously working hard to perform further tests and challenges to the vocal system and its singing methods, therefore MKVS can not speak of a constant success rate of the system, however all results so far indicate that it is perfectly natural, harmless and safe to use MKVS for everyone and in every aspects of speech and singing.


What Will You Need To Get Started?

- good and secure internet connection
- a Google account for the online meetings, lessons and exams on Google Meet
- mic / camera or a smartphone / tablet, maybe even headphones to improve the sound quality of the lessons

- a credit / debit card or PayPal account with sufficient funds to make the MKVS license purchase
- your personal data;
* full legal name
* date of birth
* nationality
* ID number
* current  full address
* phone number & email address
- copy of your photo ID (passport, ID card) ** please see our
Privacy Statement to find out how MKVS uses your personal data**

- a high-quality profile picture and some other photos of you in any digital format (jpg, png, pdf etc..)

If you want to find out what steps you need follow to get started with the Master-Key Vocal System please watch out guidance videos below:

What Does "Active" Teacher License Holder Mean?

When you get your certificate with your MKVS Teacher License, you have one calendar year "active teacher" status. It means you have one year to enjoy the benefits of your license, after that you need to renew your license.

You need to renew your license every year to get the continuous support from MKVS and so the Master Teacher can make sure that your knowledge and teaching practices are matching the high standards MKVS dictates.

You can renew your license HERE for a relatively small fee if your existing license has expired.

For more info regarding license renewal please contact us or Master Teacher, Søren Sedit.

How does it work
What will you get
What things
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What will You need
What does active
Is MKVS safe & effective
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Should you have any questions, enquiries or concerns, you can reach us on any of the following:

To book an appointment or get MKVS license:


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