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1. Registered Trademark Statement


The Master-Key Vocal System, MKVS, MKVS The Master-Key Vocal System, and its graphic logo (short description of the graphic trademark: “tuning fork and sound wave graphics in a circle shape, typically in black and gold colours”) are registered trademarks of Hekker Bros. Limited 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, England ​WC2H 9JQ, Company number: 08549381.

Details of the trademark registration may be provided upon request.

2. Our Rights To Register and Use MKVS Trademarks


Copyright ownership holders of the name “The Master-Key Vocal System” as well as “MKVS” and the scientific paperwork titled “The Master-Key Vocal System” (assigned reference number: “MKVS1.0/auth2020”) Søren Sedit and Hekker Bros. Ltd has been granted unlimited permission to Hekker Bros. Ltd to register the trademarks for business purposes and legally trade as “The Master-Key Vocal System” and “MKVS”.

3. Trademarks on Sites


The use of Sites and any information contained on these Sites does not grant a licence to the visitor or the User to use any of the trademarks or official marks of MKVS.

4. The Limited Use of MKVS Trademarks

Owners of the trademarks does not grant permission to use any or all of the trademarks in any way including but not limited to using any or all of the trademarks for unauthorised third-party business activities, educational purposes, scientific research or even for private, personal use only without the written permission and consent of the trademark owners.

5. How To Use MKVS Trademarks - Guidelines


When referring to our trademarks and the names of MKVS products, and Services, follow these MKVS Trademark and Brand Guidelines.

MKVS Trademark and Brand Guidelines:

You may use our trademarks in text solely to refer to and/or link to MKVS’s products and Services and in accordance with the terms of these Guidelines.

You may not:

use MKVS logos, logotypes, icons, trade dress or other elements of MKVS websites or materials unless specifically permitted under these Guidelines or other applicable guidelines;
use the trademarks in the name of your business, product, service, app, domain name, social media account, or other offering (with the exception of seminars and conferences if permission is granted)
use the trademarks more prominently than your product or service name;
use the trademarks on promotional merchandise that you are selling or distributing (such as t-shirts, travel mugs, etc.);
do or say anything or use the trademarks in a way that implies affiliation with, or sponsorship, endorsement or approval by MKVS of your products or services;
alter, animate, or distort the trademarks or combine them with any other symbols, words, images or designs, or incorporate them into a tagline or slogan;
use the trademarks in any way that is contrary to these Guidelines.

Social Media Guidelines


The name of your social media account, any and all pages or communities, cannot begin with a MKVS trademark. In addition, MKVS logos cannot be used in a way that might suggest affiliation with MKVS, including, but not limited to, the account, profile, or header images.
The only exceptions to these requirements are if
(1) you’ve secured permission from MKVS through a license or equivalent (though such licenses are not generally available in this context); or
(2) you’re using a MKVS trademark (not including logos) to describe the purpose of your account, page, or community provided that:

you are not suggesting affiliation with or endorsement by MKVS; and,
your account does not use the name or likeness of any prominent individuals within MKVS.
For example, you cannot name your account, page, or community “MKVS singers” or “MKVS Official.” However, it would be acceptable to name your account, page, or community “Fans of MKVS” or “Information about MKVS” as long as you do not use the MKVS logos or otherwise suggest any affiliation with MKVS.

For More Information
If your proposed use falls outside of these Guidelines or the Brand specific guidelines linked to above, the use is not permitted unless you seek approval by
contacting us.

If you are unsure about the legally correct use of the MKVS trademarks please get in touch prior to publicly executing your use of MKVS trademarks to avoid any possible chance of a trademark and / or copyright infringement.

6. How MKVS Protects The Trademarks

If we obtain actual knowledge that an unauthorised or unethical use of any or all of MKVS Trademarks occurs intentionally or unintentionally, we reserve the right to use, and will promptly use all lawfully available forces to take legal actions against these trademark and / or copyright infringements.

7. Contact Us

You may contact us if you have general questions or concerns about MKVS Trademarks or official marks of MKVS.

8. Definitions

MKVS means The Master-Key Vocal System™ legally trading under the private limited company Hekker Bros. Ltd (see more details on Hekker Bros. Ltd in our Terms and Conditions) and subsidiaries or affiliates. The Master-Key Vocal System™ owned by Søren Sedit and Hekker Bros. Ltd. In this Trademarks page, MKVS is sometimes referred to as “we,” “us,” or “our,” depending on the context.

Services means any products, services, content, features, technologies, or functions, and all related websites, applications and services offered to you by MKVS.


Sites means the websites, mobile apps, official social media platforms, or other online properties through which MKVS offers the Services and which has posted or linked to this Trademarks page.

These Sites include but are not limited to , , .

User means an individual who uses the Services or accesses the Sites.

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